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My Favourite Affordable Makeup Brushes

After a few style and lifestyle posts, let's get back to beauty. 

When it comes to my favourite affordable makeup brushes I trust three brands, which I know will do their job at any place, any time: ZOEVA, Kiko and Real Techniques. In my opinion these three brands offer the best quality brushes for the retail price: the bristles are very fine and soft, really easy to use and seamlessly blend the makeup. The most affordable out of them all are the Kiko brushes, which do feel a bit more scratchy than Zoeva or RT, but they're still great quality considering the price. Zoeva and RT are very comparable in my opinion -  I prefer to buy the RT brushes because they're easier to get a hold of in Slovenia, but they are both in the same quality category. If you do, however, have a bit bigger budget to spend, I would definitely recommend you to splurge on the Zoeva brush sets (they slightly remind me of the Hakuhodo brushes, which is of course an added bonus), because they offer the best selection of brushes. The prices vary from 75 to 125 eur, or 200 for the entire set. This will be quite a big investment in the beginning, but they will definitely serve you well and last a very long time.

Here are all the affordable brushes I own and would personally recommend:
ZOEVA: 109 Contouring brush, 227 Soft Definer Brush, 125 Stippling brush
Kiko: Eyes 207, Eyes 202, Eyes 200, Face 108
Real Techniques: Expert Face brush, Foundation brush, Blush brush


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  1. Čudovita fotografija. Predstavitev tudi :)

  2. lepa fotografija :)

  3. Loved the collection. I am very picky about my make up brushes. What I believe is that a good makeup brush leads to a good makeup. If you have not a good makeup brush then you will not be able to properly apply the makeup instead it will ruin your look.

  4. I loved the makeup brushes. According to me a good makeup brushes lead to proper application of the makeup. Unless and untill you have not proper tools to apply makeup you cannot have proper looks. So, it is quite important to have a proper make up tools in order to have a proper makeup.

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