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My experience: Cosmo Beauty Awards 2016.


It was a very cold Thursday morning, when I received an email from Cosmo. "We are going to give you a call, because we have special news for you." At first I was really confused about what it meant and I clearly had no expectations whatsoever. And then a lovely Cosmo editor called ... "Congrats Ana, we (as in the editors) have chosen you for the Best up-and-coming Beauty Blogger Cosmo Beauty Award." I was completely shocked, extremely happy and grateful, all at the same time. She then invited me to their official event, which was held at small cafe in Ljubljana. 


It was a foggy morning of Thursday, December 1st , and I was in a hurry as always. Choosing hair, makeup and outfit for such an important event can be really stressful at times. Thankfully I quickly got ready and arrived just in time.


Awards were given in two different parts: firstly 13 products, which were chosen by the Cosmo readers, and then another 13, chosen by the Cosmo staff. For a full list of products click here.
They have also added a special category this year, which features two beauty bloggers - again, one chosen by the Cosmo readers and the other by Cosmo editors. Lana Spital MakeUp, who was chosen by the readers, won the award for Best Beauty Blogger and I, as I've mentioned before, won the award for Best up-and-coming beauty blogger. Congrats Lana! 


Yeah, you read that right. Me as the best up-and-coming beauty blogger. I am really grateful to be given such an important award. Even though I've been writing Blush for quite some time now, I've never really properly dived into beauty before. So this opportunity has literally come around at the best time possible. The award has given me so much enthusiasm and motivation to work even harder. Of course I also have to thank you, my readers, for all the support throughout the years. It really means a lot to me. So thank you!


That's now the big question. What comes next? I have a lot of ideas and projects prepared for the next year. Now I'll take some time off, really think through everything, carefully plan and come back better than ever in January. Hopefully you're just as excited as I am.
So 2017, bring it on!

Zara White Shirt 
Mango Pleated Skirt and Suede Clutch 
H&M Choker 
Bershka Strappy Heels 


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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is only 12 days away and if you're just like me, who likes to leave everything until the last minute, then there's quite a good chance that you still haven't bought your Christmas gifts for your friends and family. But don't worry, I've got you covered. I prepared the Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide, which includes 15 different gift ideas, suitable for a variety of tastes.
So if you don't have a clue what to give someone for this Christmas, then keep on reading.


Scents can be  a very difficult choice when it comes to gift-giving. If you know the other person quite well, then perfumes won't represent a big problem to you. They are very thoughtful, luxurious and memorable gifts everyone loves to receive. The safest choice, in my opinion, would be a Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay perfume - possibly every blogger's favourite scent. It's sophisticated, fresh, not overpowering and would suit a variety of tastes. 


Because every woman likes her flat to smell amazing. And if you add the beautiful scent with a flawless packaging like Diptyque, you simply get the perfect combination. 


Every woman loves treating herself with good skincare; it's just like spa at home. Luna and Blue Moon from Sunday Riley, Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel or the entire Aesop collection are just some of the few products, I love to use and know every woman would be happy to receive on Christmas day. 


Another thing that people don't really like to splurge on that often (but really should) is haircare, especially Oribe products, which are known to be quite expensive, but definitely worth the steep price. They are the perfect gift choice for special occasions - texturising spray, shampoo and conditioner, no matter what you choose, I promise you, you'll choose the right thing. 


Of course it's the best choice for us, makeup junkies. My favourite go-to makeup brand is Charlotte Tilbury - she offers absolutely stunning packaging and really great quality products, which I find to be the perfect gift for us, who like to collect makeup. 


If you're thinking of purchasing a higher-end (luxury) product, but don't want to splurge on clothes or handbags, then definitely opt for sunglasses. My recommendation is the Dior So Real sunglasses, which were very popular in 2016, add an interesting feature to your outfit and definitely make you stand out in the crowd.


It's such a classic choice to purchase a new handbag for Christmas. You don't have to break the bank to find the perfect handbag. High-street brands like Zara, Topshop, Asos etc. offer gorgeous handbags at affordable prices. But if you have the budget, then definitely spend it on a Saint Laurent, Victoria Beckham or Chloe handbag. 

Shoes / Sneakers, Boots, Silver shoes 

Sneakers are the best choice, if you're buying for someone, who is constantly on-the-go or just in general enjoys wearing sneakers on a daily basis. Adidas, Nike and now even Gucci make beautiful sneakers any sporty girl would like to own.
If you are leaning towards buying boots, then you should opt for ankle boots with a block heel, preferably suede, which is one the biggest trends for winter 2016/17.
Another trend any fashionista should own is silver shoes: they elevate any outfit with the addition of a surprise effect. 

Basic white shirt with a twist 

Basic white shirt is perfect for everyone with a classic taste. I think that everyone should own at least one good-fitting white shirt because it's such a staple wardrobe piece. In F/W time brands also introduced "the embroidery trend" which you can give to someone, who likes to take some risks and is not afraid to mix up their style.  


Pyjamas are the best gift for those (us), who like to stay in pyjamas all day long. I feel like pyjamas are a fashion item that nobody really thinks of buying for themselves. So it's nice to receive a pair of new pyjamas (or socks!) every year. It's like a staple Christmas gift, especially if they are made from silk! 

Neck Scarves 

Another trend and very thoughtful gift for women (or men), who dare to be different and enjoy mixing up fashionable pieces. 

blush pink everything

Blush Pink is the colour of the year and another big trend for the F/W 2016/17 time, so you can't go wrong if you purchase a blush pink item: sweaters, boots, scarves, tops, etc.

Minimalistic Jumpsuit 

Minimalistic (black structured) jumpsuit is a fashion piece that EVERY woman should own in their wardrobe. It's the most versatile fashion piece out there.


Backpacks are both very useful and fashionable items everyone needs in their wardrobe. Especially if you like to carry a LOT of things with you, just like I do. There's a variety of options to choose from: (faux) leather, canvas, military-inspired, minimalistic, oversized, structured, etc. 

Cosy Cardigan  

Cosy cardigans go in the same category as pyjamas - the best choice for those, who love to feel cosy and warm at home (which is pretty much everyone, right!?).

Thats it! These are my Christmas ideas, which will hopefully made your life just a bit easier. Good luck with your Christmas shopping and always keep in mind that gifts are not the most important factor during the holiday season. Remember to spend some quality time with your friends and family and just enjoy the holidays! 

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/ B U M /

(for a Slovene version of this post, hop onto Klemen's blog)

Thought. Feeling. Care. 

It's officially the 1st of December, which means we can finally start with the Christmas festivities. I love the feeling of giving my friends and family something thoughtful, to show them my appreciation. And that is exactly what BUM is.

What is BUM? 

BUM is our new project in collaboration with a small family business Emma.
BUM is a thoughtful gift package for the holidays.
BUM is a package designed for your care and well-being.

BUM began a few months ago, when me and Klemen decided to create a gift package filled with natural skincare products that would be universal: suitable for ALL our readers. And of course Emma was the perfect choice!

Natural Clay Soap 

Clay is one of my favourite additions to soap recipes because it leaves your skin really clean and refreshed. It's very suitable for combination to oily skin type as well as problematic skin, because it helps combat imperfections. Combined with a good moisturiser this will be your perfect skincare combination. Clay soap has been my "skincare best friend" for years and I'll never replace it! 

Moisturizing Cream

Moisturizing creams can be a really difficult choice if you want to please a variety of tastes. That's why me and Klemen decided to create a great universal cream, suitable for everyone, men and women! It doesn't have a specific scent or colour (it contains avocado and a bit of olive oil), quickly sinks into your skin and leaves it hydrated. You can use it as a face, hand or body cream. Basically wherever you prefer. 

Scented Candle 

This was such an easy choice. I mean who doesn't love a good scented candle for the holidays. It smells of cinnamon, cloves and orange, which means I can already smell Christmas! But you can use it throughout the year - if you enjoy the smell of cinnamon all year round, just like I do!


Naravna darila Emma is a small family business from Ljubljana. It's a brand that focuses around skincare products with their three main goals: every product is natural, of Slovene origin and hand-made. 
These products all have a story behind them: a story that is as important as the product itself. I admire them, for how much work they put in these products and I can especially appreciate the fact that they put their customers first. I have been using their skincare products for a while now and I personally couldn't be happier with them. 
They have also launched their new online shop, where you can choose from their entire collection of products. You can also make your own package and gift it to your loved ones. They are offering a variety of discounts and free shipping throughout December, so go check out their new online shop!  
Custom-made gift package is the perfect choice for a Christmas gift. It's a universal (unisex) package and can be gifted to anyone, who wants to experience thought, feeling and care


We would like to gift our package BUM to one of our readers. So stay tuned and keep checking our social media for more information! 

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