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My experience: Cosmo Beauty Awards 2016.


It was a very cold Thursday morning, when I received an email from Cosmo. "We are going to give you a call, because we have special news for you." At first I was really confused about what it meant and I clearly had no expectations whatsoever. And then a lovely Cosmo editor called ... "Congrats Ana, we (as in the editors) have chosen you for the Best up-and-coming Beauty Blogger Cosmo Beauty Award." I was completely shocked, extremely happy and grateful, all at the same time. She then invited me to their official event, which was held at small cafe in Ljubljana. 


It was a foggy morning of Thursday, December 1st , and I was in a hurry as always. Choosing hair, makeup and outfit for such an important event can be really stressful at times. Thankfully I quickly got ready and arrived just in time.


Awards were given in two different parts: firstly 13 products, which were chosen by the Cosmo readers, and then another 13, chosen by the Cosmo staff. For a full list of products click here.
They have also added a special category this year, which features two beauty bloggers - again, one chosen by the Cosmo readers and the other by Cosmo editors. Lana Spital MakeUp, who was chosen by the readers, won the award for Best Beauty Blogger and I, as I've mentioned before, won the award for Best up-and-coming beauty blogger. Congrats Lana! 


Yeah, you read that right. Me as the best up-and-coming beauty blogger. I am really grateful to be given such an important award. Even though I've been writing Blush for quite some time now, I've never really properly dived into beauty before. So this opportunity has literally come around at the best time possible. The award has given me so much enthusiasm and motivation to work even harder. Of course I also have to thank you, my readers, for all the support throughout the years. It really means a lot to me. So thank you!


That's now the big question. What comes next? I have a lot of ideas and projects prepared for the next year. Now I'll take some time off, really think through everything, carefully plan and come back better than ever in January. Hopefully you're just as excited as I am.
So 2017, bring it on!

Zara White Shirt 
Mango Pleated Skirt and Suede Clutch 
H&M Choker 
Bershka Strappy Heels 


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  1. Beautiful skirt :)

  2. Really an amazing outfit. Looks speaks a lot about you apart from your outfit. We all agree with this. Good personality makes from good looks. And summers is all about new looks and with colorful clothes.

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