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My Hair Transformation

All about my hair journey. 

This is my first beauty post in 2017 and I decided to kick the year off with addressing my hair change. I wanted to go blonder for months, but I just didn't have the guts to do it. I was a bit fed up with my older look, because I haven't changed anything about it for almost two years. I needed a change, regarding my personal life and looks, and hair was definitely at the top of my list. It's the easiest way to bring about change in you daily routine and life. So in today's post I'm going to share with you my hair transformation story, some of my older pictures, the progress throughout the years, the current state of my hair and the products I love to use for healthy-looking hair.


I want to start everything off with an honest sentence: my hair has been through a lot, there's no way around it. My hair is naturally ashy brown, very thick, long and curly. Actually very curly and frizzy - to the point that whenever it's raining outside, I just know that it's useless to do anything with my hair, because it simply won't last. That's why I started using hair straighteners when I was 14, which extremely damaged my hair. Of course my 14-year-old self didn't know how to properly take care of her hair back then. I also washed my hair every single day. Consequently my hair started to break off, I always had split-ends and it eventually got really fine and flat (on a plus side: even though it's quite fine, I still have a lot of it).


When I was in my sophomore year of high-school I got really bored of my natural hair colour. By then most of my friends have already coloured their hair at least once before, so I of course wanted to do the same. I really wanted to go lighter, but just two or three shades. Because I have orange underlying pigment (which is common with brunettes), my hair turned extremely orange (with brassy tones). From then on I went lighter and lighter with every colouring, but the orange pigment was consistent with every colour. I just couldn't get rid off it, even when my hairdresser used pearl/ash blonde hair colour. I kept going to the hair salon, trying to achieve the perfect hair colour, but I eventually decided to start colouring at home, because it was just too expensive to maintain a blonde colour at the hair salon. Colouring at home is the one thing that I would not recommend - if you are a blonde, do go to the salon, because blonde is such a difficult hair colour to achieve at home. I definitely learned my lesson and from now I will, without a doubt, only trust the professionals.


I always had (or at least loved to have) long hair, but this summer I made my first choice to get rid off my extremely split ends and just embrace a shorter cut. However, it was still medium length hair and on the third day of MBFWLJ in October last year (I was wearing a blue Asos White Jumpsuit) I decided to f*** it and cut everything off. And now I'm left with my lob, which I absolutely adore. I also went quite a lot blonder, as you may have noticed, thanks to a salon in Ljubljana named Medinmleko. We started everything off with an Olaplex treatment, because my hair was in such bad condition that it wouldn't "survive" all the bleaching. After that we just went for it. A lovely hair expert Sandra did the highlights throughout and I was really happy with the result. However, it's still a work in progress, because I want to go completely platinum, so I need to make another appointment asap. 


Every blonde knows that a blue/purple shampoo is a true saviour - it's all about neutralising unwanted tones of the hair. I personally love to use Keune Silver Reflex Shampoo, because it keeps all the unwanted tones under control. I use it two or three times a week (depending on how often I wash my hair, but it's usually every other day).
For a conditioner I like to use anything from L'Oreal Paris, because they offer the best conditioners from the drugstore. At the moment I'm using the L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Conditioner. I like to use it in combination with my Olaplex at home treatment, which I use once a week and get it from my hairdresser.
I also had the opportunity to test out two winning products from the Cosmo Beauty Awards 2016 (click here for more info) and they of course didn't disappoint. As I've mentioned before, my hair still gets very frizzy, despite being colour treated and bleached. The product that saves the day is Kevin Murphy Smooth Again: a leave-in smoothing treatment to eliminate frizz for silky, nourished and protected hair. I use it after every wash - I spread a small amount of product on damp hair and continue with blow-drying. The best thing is that a little goes a long way. Now I never have to worry about the rain, because my hair will stay looking perfect and smooth throughout the day, even if it's pouring outside.
I prefer to wash my hair every other (or two) day, so I need some extra help to keep my hair looking fresh and voluminous. My favourite product at the moment is a Hair Refresher from Davines, which also helps to neutralise the odour of the hair. It makes my hair extremely voluminous, doesn't leave a white cast (even though that's not that important if you're a blonde) and really helps to refresh my hair. If you don't have the budget to splurge on this dry shampoo, I would also recommend Batiste, if you are looking for a more affordable option.
These are all the products I swear by and are a necessity in my haircare routine.

I'm really happy with my current haircut because it feels completely me, which is the most important thing when it comes to beauty and fashion!

photos by Epopteia Photography, Klemen and Karinartistic

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My Winter Uniform

Dressing up during the winter time can be a real pain in the a** because you need to find that perfect combination of comfort and warmth while still looking fashionable and YOU. On top of that, because it's so cold outside, we all like to sleep in as much as possible. If you don't want to be in a hurry 24/7, I suggest preparing your daily outfits the day before. This tip has been my life saviour for the past few months, because I honestly love sleep way too much. However, if you do find yourself running late, I have a tip for you: create your own winter uniform. An outfit that will look great no matter what and make you look put together, even though you (maybe) didn't have any time at all.

My go-to winter outfit

I found this amazing coat in Zara on sale and I just couldn't resist purchasing it. It's what I've been searching for the whole season - it's the perfect military style inspired coat, which has been a big coat trend of the fall and winter time. I paired the coat with a classic pair of heeled ankle boots, also from Zara, black cigarette trousers and classic white shirt from Topshop (because you can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt and a pair of elegant black trousers!), a silver choker from Zara to add an interesting detail to the outfit and finished everything off with my adored Daniel Wellington watch. It's a simple, minimalistic and classic look, but really effective at the same time. It's been without a doubt my most worn outfit of January.

Zara Military Style Coat 
Topshop Cigarette Trousers 
Topshop Classic White Shirt 
Zara Silver Choker 
Daniel Wellington Watch 
Zara Ankle Boots
Pajk Hat

photos: Epopteia Photography

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My Thoughts on Clean Eating

It's not about some New Year's resolution, but rather a change of lifestyle. 

This is a post coming from a viewpoint of a person, who has never been really skinny or thin before. It's been quite a long road for me, learning through the mistakes I made and finally figuring out what works for me, my body as well as my mentality. That's why I decided to combine my life-long struggles with weight and dieting with the current bloggers' lifestyle trend of clean eating and write some thoughts about it in this post. I am aware of the fact that this is quite a controversial topic, but I just wanted to share my opinion on the current situation. So please keep an open mind, while reading this post!

Millennials and current trends 

Millennials have officially taken over fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry. And with that come a variety of consequences, one of them being a widespread of clean eating and fitness culture. As being one of the millennials myself, I've been bombarded by images on social media of people constantly going to the gym, working out and preparing healthy meals. In general, living the healthiest lifestyle possible, or so I thought.
If you are part of it, like me as a blogger, you simply cannot run away from it. And it has definitely affected me in the past, especially as a person who has always been aware of the things I eat. Let's face it, there are some extreme "diets" that some bloggers are pushing on the viewers. Simply by lusting over their "perfect" lifestyles, you want to change your daily routine to become just like them: healthy, beautiful and happy. These bloggers do affect the way you think about fitness and food and for me it was in a problematic way (and I'm in my twenties, I can't imagine what it's like for the teens). Their lifestyles are quite difficult to achieve for an everyday person and I was really hard on myself because I didn't meet their standards. I'm a blogger and on top of that also have a part-time job. I simply did not find enough time to follow bloggers' routines and all I really needed was an example that would be compatible with my lifestyle.

What about if I don't want to follow the "clean eating" lifestyle? 

We are all different. Our bodies react differently to different foods, workouts, lifestyles. And by bloggers, pushing the same "clean eating" lifestyle, I think that they do more damage than good. Don't get me wrong, I support all my fellow bloggers 100%, but I always take their advice with a pinch of salt. I have been dieting all my life and was never really happy with the way I looked. I was always a bit overweight and it was because of my lifestyle, no doubt. Consequently I cut back on food, didn't want to eat anything, tried out the paleo diet, exercised every day of the week, etc. Nothing worked. Then I did some research and even though I'm pretty busy, as I've mentioned before, I did manage to find a way to make it work (Tim Gunn would be proud haha). I realised that nothing changes overnight and that I needed to go on a journey, not necessarily following the clean eating routines and lifestyle, but completely overhauling my lifestyle and finding out what works best for my body.

My current routine 

I don't go to the gym (yet),  but I do walk everywhere I go (try to make 10,000 steps a day) and exercise at home. 
I don't follow the clean eating lifestyle. I eat literally everything, but in regular and small portions. I don't starve myself, but offer my body all the vitamins and proteins available. The only thing I like to cut down on is sugar (I would recommend you to watch the That Sugar Film documentary). 
I try to stay away from processed and fast foods.
I drink A LOT of water. 
I learnt that nothing changes overnight and that it's all about the journey. It really takes a long time, but the results are worthwhile. 

To conclude ... 

It's not about the diets bloggers or Instagrammers are constantly pushing. It's about listening to your body and figuring out what works best for you. Of course I would recommend you to search for meal inspirations in different blogger's posts, but don't follow them step by step. Again, focus on the things you think work for you. The blogger that sticks out to me the most is The Anna Edit and her lifestyle change in 2016. She actually inspired me to make some lifestyle changes myself and finally start taking care of my body. I would recommend you to check her out. She took the best way to change her everyday routine and I would like to continue my lifestyle change in the direction she took.

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Item of the month / Over The Knee Boots

In 2017 I've decided to add another "category" of posts to Blush. Every month I will share with you my favourite item and explain why I have been loving it that particular month. You know, just like you see it in YouTube videos, but transforming it into an entire blog post.
January's pick is my favourite pair of black, suede (my favourite material atm) Over The Knee Bootsa trend, which has been around for the past few years, but I've just recently jumped on the bandwagon. I always thought they wouldn't look flattering on me and that they'd be really hard to style. I guess I was wrong. I found a pair on sale in Mango, last pair in my size, and I knew it was meant to be.
In my opinion they look best in combination with a dress and (oversized) coat. I paired the boots with a black suede dress from Zara, a brown coat and a statement bag, also both from Zara (entire look will be featured in the next outfit post). You can also wear them with jeans, skirts, oversized hoodies, etc. They transform and elevate any basic outfit, actually keep you warm and are really comfortable to wear, despite the heel. That's why they've been my go-to shoe option. Whenever I thought my outfit needed some umph this monththese were definitely my outfit saviours. They are this season's most coveted boots and I would without a doubt recommend them to all of you. Definitely money well spent!

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Hi, My name is Ana and I suffer from a serious RBF.

Yeah, you read that right. People say I have a serious RBF, which is always commented on, so that's the reason I'm writing this post. But first of all, let me explain what RBF really is. When you google the term, this is the first definition that pops up:

"Resting bitch face, also known as RBF or bitchy resting face, is a term for a facial expression (or lack thereof) which unintentionally appears angry, annoyed, irritated, or contemptuous." 

You all probably think, Ana this can't be that serious or problematic. But trust me it actually is, at least to me. Imagine that your normal daily routine is constructed of the following questions or comments: 

How are you Ana? 
Are you feeling ok? 
You look sad/angry... what's wrong? 
Did you sleep well? 
Who made you mad? 
You look very bitchy today. 

Yeah, this is exactly what I hear on a daily basis, when I feel perfectly fine and happy. This is what my face apparently expresses. Imagine people avoiding or hating on you, because you don't look happy. People always say I should smile more and not to be that serious, but to be honest, I can't do anything about it. It's a natural thing and not something I do on purpose. My face was obviously made for that! Also people say that my RBF is on a "whole nother level", so Jesus take the wheel and help me (haha).
It's much more common than you actually think it is. But even though this shouldn't be a thing in the first place, I also have some advice for all my fellow RBF ladies. I know we can't always control our face expressions, but when you catch yourself in that "relaxed mood" I like to call it, try to smile a bit. Even though it might feel very unnatural, you will get the hang of it and it'll quickly become a habit. I always like to use these tips when I take outfit pictures, but I constantly fail at it, as you may have figured it out. But practice makes perfect and I will get better at it.
It really feels good to get everything off the chest. And today, for a change, I'm going to post a smiling picture. Because it expresses the same way I feel on the inside. Even though I might not be smiling 24/7. Keep that in mind...
And for my final note, there is always a silver lining in every situation. On the bright side you're always (what I call) runway ready with that RBF. So it's not all that bad :)

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Janja Videc je uspešna slovenska modna oblikovalka, ki navdih črpa iz narave. Je ena tistih oblikovalk, ki svoje kose ustvarja organsko in jih v kolekcijo poveže z močno zgodbo. Tudi sama sodim med tiste, ki naravnost občudujemo njen minimalistični pristop k modi in ekološkemu ozaveščanju znotraj te pregovorno hitre in krute industrije. Janjo sem imela priložnost spoznati v njenem studiu v Mostah, ko sva se prvič dogovarjali za sodelovanje v okviru Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana (klikni tukaj), nato pa še na skupni kavi, kjer sem ji zastavila nekaj vprašanj.

V mesecu oktobru si v ljubljanski ZOOFI predstavila svojo novo kolekcijo BASIC by Janja Videc. Nam jo lahko na kratko predstaviš. Kakšna je bila tvoja inspiracija za ustvarjanje nove kolekcije?
Gre za kolekcijo iz organskega bombaža, ki je nastala z željo, da bi zase ustvarila kose, ki so ekološki in se hkrati tudi sama ozavestila o tem, kakšni so ozadni procesi modne industrije, ki se vežejo na samo proizvodnjo materiala. Želela sem oblikovati nekaj, kar je minimalistično in hkrati ekološko. Najprej sem šla na lov za ekološkimi materiali, vendar sem kmalu ugotovila, kako težko jih je sploh dobiti. Že slednje je bilo zame velik projekt, ki je zahteval velik raziskovalni angažma. Nato sem začela s skicami in vprašanjem, katere basic kose bi jaz in moje prijateljice nujno potrebovale v svoji garderobi. Sledili so prvi prototipi na lutki, kar je del mojega klasičnega procesa, ki traja kar nekaj časa. Nato pa proizvodnja. 

Kako natančno torej poteka ta tvoj proces oblikovanja? Koliko časa potrebuješ za samo zasnovo nove kolekcije? Vse previdno načrtuješ ali pustiš, da kolekcija nastane spontano, organsko?

Je kombinacija obojega, se prepleta. Občasno se čisto prepustim, dobim navdih na sprehodih po gozdu. Ne vizualiziram dobesednih podob, ampak mi vzdušje ustvari neko predstavo. Potem pa se je običajno potrebno soočiti z realnostjo tehničnih omejitev. Pri zadnji kolekciji sem tako iz finančnega vidika vedela, da bo morala vsebovati manj različnih kosov. To je bila zame velika omejitev, saj sem morala nekako predvideti, kateri kosi bodo deležni največjega in najbolj ugodnega odziva. 

V letu 2016 si nam predstavila prvo ekološko kolekcijo iz organskega bombaža. Kakšno pa je tvoje mnenje o trajnostnem oblikovanju? 

Definitivno mi je to najblližje v smislu oblikovanja in bi se v to rada usmerila. V končnem smisu sem že skoraj tukaj. Pri vseh oblikovalcih, ki delamo na tak način, da za sabo nimamo velikih proizvodnih obratov, je vseskozi prisoten nek trajnostni princip, saj delamo manjše serije in bolj kvalitetne kose. 

Si morda že kdaj razmišljala o oblikovanju unisex oblačil oziroma o oblikovanju dodatne moške kolekcije?

S strani moških večkrat dobivam pobude, naj kaj oblikujem še zanje. Trenutno sem v fazi raziskovanja moških krojev, ker so vseeno zelo specifični, drugačni. Moj cilj je ohranjati basic kolekcije, jih na redni bazi nadgrajevati z novimi dizajni in pustiti, da v to zgodbo pridejo tudi moški. Kosi imajo potencial, da se v taki obliki tudi začnejo realizirati. Postopoma ...

Od kod izvira tvoja izbira minimalizma?

Minimalizem je življenjski stil, ki mi je blizu že od nekdaj. Nikoli nisem spadala v tipičen potrošniški krog, čeprav me je zanimala moda – nikoli nisem kopičila stvari, vedno sem imela rada manj. 

Ali po tvojem mnenju ljubljanska fakulteta nudi dovolj znanja na področju modnega oblikovanja ali se ti zdi, da je stik s tujino neizbežen? 

Se mi zdi, da Naravoslovno tehniška fakulteta na tem področju ponuja veliko. Bila sem na izmenjavi na Danskem, kjer nas je bilo vsega skupaj šest sošolcev, sama pa sem bila najmlajša. Ko smo na uvodni uri pokazali pretekla dela, so bili ostali kar malo šokirani nad tem, kako velik opus preteklih kolekcij in projektov je za mano. NTF ponuja širok spekter znanj, tako na področju tekstilj kot tudi oblačil, kar je v tujini zelo ločeno. Pri nas je to velika prednost, saj ti da neko širino. 

Poleg oblikovanja se podpisuješ tudi pod novonastalo znamko #42 (dvainštirideset je novonastala slovenska blagovna znamka, ki temelji na viziji združevanja kakovostnih, ljudem in okolju prijaznih surovin ter prefinjene minimalistične estetike, link). Kako to, da si se odločila za tak korak?

Za tem stoji moj partner. Znamka #42 je bila njegova pobuda, saj sva želela nekaj usvariti skupaj, ker sva oba zelo kreativna, vendar sva do takrat delovala vsak v nekem svojem polju. Na koncu sem bila odgovorna za vizualno podobo tega branda, on pa za ostalo. Meni pa se je na neki točki v karieri tako spremenilo, da enostavno nisem mogla več delati tega, čeprav je bil prav namen to, da bi bil to skupen projekt. Sama imam poleg oblikovanja še kreativne tečaje, zato se vse skupaj časovno ne bi izšlo. Tako sva se nekako potem odločila, da bo on ostal za to znamko, vendar pa si vseeno veliko pomagava. 

Imaš mogoče kakšen nasvet za uspeh na izredno majhnem slovenskem trgu?

Ni pravega recepta, mogoče sploh ne dojemam, da mi je zares uspelo. Največji indikator tega, da grem po pravi poti in da je ta uspešna, je to, da ljudje prihajajo k meni in nosijo moja oblačila. Rada spoznavam ljudi, ki nosijo moje kose in sem zelo vesela, da se v zadnjem obdobju naš trg zares odpira za mlade oblikovalce. 

Janja, najlepša hvala za tvoje odgovore!


Janja Videc is a young, talented Slovenian fashion designer, who draws inspirations for her collections from the nature. She is one of those creators, who designs in a very organic way and wants to connect everything with a strong vision and story. I absolutely admire her minimalistic and eco-friendly approach to fashion design and fashion industry. I first had the opportunity to meet Janja in her studio in Ljubljana, when we just started talking about our Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week collaboration (click here). I really admire her work, so I was really honoured when she took some time off to answer a few questions.

Back in October you introduced your new collection BASIC by Janja Videc in Zoofa store in Ljubljana. Can you describe the collection in a few words.What was your main inspiration behind it?
It's a collection made from organic cotton and was designed with a wish to create eco-friendly fashion pieces. I also wanted to educate myself regarding the background of the fashion industry, how everything works behind-the-scenes. I started with a lot of research about the materials, which I soon realised, were very hard to get a hold of. This was already quite a big project. Then I moved onto sketching and deciding, which basic pieces me and my friends would like to wear - my normal working process. Then followed the production.

You mentioned your working process. How long does it take to create a new collection? Do you strategically plan everything or do you design spontaneous, in a organic way?
It's a combination of both, it intersects. At times I completely let go, go on walks through the forest where I get my inspirations: I don't see a clear picture, but just the atmosphere itself gives me a vision of what I want to create. Then there is another factor present in my designing; it's when you know that there are some technical restrictions. With my newest collection I knew, from a financial standpoint, that I would have to limit myself regarding the number of pieces I wanted to show and focus only on the few items I knew would receive the best feedback.

In 2016 you introduced your first eco-friendly collection, with pieces made from organic cotton. What is you view on sustainable fashion?
Sustainable fashion is definitely very close to my heart and my working process. I really want to focus on designing in the scale of sustainable fashion and I think that I'm almost there. I don't have a big production company behind me – I create smaller series and better-quality pieces, so there is always this sustainable factor behind my work.

Have you ever thought about creating unisex clothes or maybe an entire men's collection?
I get a lot of requests from men to create something for them as well. Currently I'm in a research phase, because it's quite different to design for men as it is for women. My goal is to maintain my basic collections and constantly add new pieces. And eventually also add men to that story.

Where does your choice of minimalism stem from?
Minimalism is a lifestyle that has been very close to me for a very long time. I was never really a part of the typical consumerism culture, even though I was really interested in fashion – I've always loved to own fewer pieces in my wardrobe.

Do you think that design college in Ljubljana offers enough knowledge about fashion or do you think it's inevitable to travel abroad?
I think that college of fashion in Ljubljana offers a lot. As part of the student exchange program I travelled to Denmark, where I was the youngest among 6 international students. In the first few lessons we had to show our previous work and everybody was quite shocked, when they've seen how many collections and projects I have already done in the past. We have a broad offer of options, from textile to clothes, which is quite separated abroad. This is one of the advantages that college of design gives you here in Ljubljana.

Besides your fashion brand you also work for a cosmetic brand #42. Why did you decide for such a step?
#42 is my partner's project. We are both very creative, both on our separate fields, and it was his idea to start working together on a new project. But at some point everything changed regarding my fashion career and I simply couldn't manage to work on #42, even though that was the entire purpose of the brand - to work together as a team. I also teach creative workshops and I just didn't have enough time to devote to #42. In the end we decided to put my partner in charge of #42, but we still help each other a lot, nevertheless.

Do you have any advice on how to succeed in such a small country, like Slovenia, where fashion industry isn't that developed?
There is no true formula for success, I still don't see myself as someone who made it here. The biggest indicator that this is what I'm supposed to be doing is when I see my clients wearing my designs. I love meeting people, who wear my clothes and I'm really happy to see that the young adults have recognising Slovene designers in the recent years.

photos: Karim Shalaby

Janja, thank you very much for your answers!

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Today's post is one of those bonus ones I've mentioned in my updates post. I decided to finish off all posts 2016 related with a collage of my favourite outfits of the year. Fashion posts are by far my favourite to prepare and write about, so it was hard to pick just 6 of them to show you in this post. I remember my outfits by the events connected to it, so for me every outfit carries a special story or event behind it. It was a year of three fashion weeks (spring's edition of LJFW and spring/fall's edition of MBFWLJ), different fashion events and trips. I can now say that 2016 is behind me. It was a year of ups and down, difficult situations and struggles, but also filled with happy moments, new people and experiences. I'm honestly excited to see what 2017 brings about!
If you would like to check out the full versions of the outfit posts, you can access them by clicking the STYLE category. 
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Find trends that suit you and incorporate them into your wardrobe. 

Trends, trends, trends. My favourite part of fashion, but so damn tricky at the same time. With every change of season, we all can expect the magazines to bombard us with the lists of trends and must-have items for the following few months. But then what? What to do with the list of 10 trends you NEED that particular season? I learned very quickly in the beginning of my "blogger career" that you have to be rather careful and selective when it comes to trends. If you just blindly follow the list of trends that are recommended in the magazines or online and don't incorporate them into your own style and aesthetics, that will surely show on the outside. You may feel like you are on the right track, wearing those over-the-knee boots, but if they don't go with the rest of the outfit, everybody will notice that. I notice that, all the time. I see girls walking down the street wearing the trendiest items of the season, but something just doesn't seem right with their outfit. There is something unexplainable, but noticeable to us who love fashion. Don't you agree?


Then there is another problem that I have noticed lately - I feel like everyone looks the same here in Ljubljana. I always joke with my friends that they all wear a "Ljubljana uniform": green parka jacket (now even with the pink fur hood), light washed jeans, Nike/Adidas trainers and a big sporty bag. There is no diversity anymore. And I hate it. I want to feel inspired by the street style, but that's honestly impossible here in Ljubljana. Yes, I know I live in a "small" city in comparison to others, but this shouldn't limit us to explore new trends. That's the reason I always go back to Slovene and foreign bloggers, because I always search for something new to incorporate into my wardrobe, and bloggers always give me that. So what I'm trying to say is that I need DIVERSITY. And trends give us that. But there is always a tricky part: how to choose trends correctly?


My tips for choosing the trends correctly are simple: start with researching the trends for the upcoming season and pick 3-6 trends that look most interesting and practical to you. Continue with shopping around your favourite stores and pick up a version of that trend that will go along with your wardrobe and style in general (meaning: you don't have to buy a big, colourful puffa jacket Elle magazine told you was the hottest item of the season, but settle on a puffa jacket that will flatter your figure and complement your wardrobe colour palette). And there you go, simple as that! Be selective, critical and thoughtful when it comes to trends. This way trends will elevate your style, rather than bring it down.


Here is my version of combining 3 trends with my own style: black choker, brown coat and raw frayed hem jeans in a minimalistic outfit, with added white shirt, Chelsea boots, classic wrist watch and handbag. I stayed true to my minimalistic style and carefully incorporated trends that I love for F/W 2016/17. 


Zara Coat
Zara White Shirt
Zara Jeans
Zara Bag
Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch
H&M Choker
Pittarello Chelsea Boots

photos: Epopteia Photography 

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Get ready for a cheesy post about New year, new me and all that stuff. 

That's it. We're officially in 2017! Hopefully you had a great time and spent the holidays with your friends and family. Firstly I want to thank all of you for your support throughout the year. 2016 was a crazy year for me and it's hard to just sum it up in a single post. 2016 was a year of big shifts and challenges, which opened my eyes to new perspectives and so many question, which I hope to answer in 2017. 
So many things happened last year, but December sticks out the most for me. It was a month of ups and downs and I feel like everything changed in December. I changed, blog changed, relationships changed. I was so over 2016 by the end of the month and as I've mentioned in my last post, I needed to take some time off and plan out the future of Blush, which now sounds pretty exciting to me. I don't have any special resolutions for this year because I don't want to limit myself that way. My main wish for 2017 is to devote my fullest attention to my blog, just go for it and see what happens next. 
So here is a short recap of what is happening in 2017. There will be 2 posts every week (sometimes I will also add some bonus ones), one on Monday and one on Thursday, split into 6 different categories: interviews, collaborations, fashion, beauty, personal posts and otherBlush will stay the same; it will still be a blog about me and my interests: a fusion of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, but with more regular posts and (hopefully) better quality content. 

I am so excited to start with the new year. 2017, bring it on! 

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