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My Thoughts on Clean Eating

It's not about some New Year's resolution, but rather a change of lifestyle. 

This is a post coming from a viewpoint of a person, who has never been really skinny or thin before. It's been quite a long road for me, learning through the mistakes I made and finally figuring out what works for me, my body as well as my mentality. That's why I decided to combine my life-long struggles with weight and dieting with the current bloggers' lifestyle trend of clean eating and write some thoughts about it in this post. I am aware of the fact that this is quite a controversial topic, but I just wanted to share my opinion on the current situation. So please keep an open mind, while reading this post!

Millennials and current trends 

Millennials have officially taken over fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry. And with that come a variety of consequences, one of them being a widespread of clean eating and fitness culture. As being one of the millennials myself, I've been bombarded by images on social media of people constantly going to the gym, working out and preparing healthy meals. In general, living the healthiest lifestyle possible, or so I thought.
If you are part of it, like me as a blogger, you simply cannot run away from it. And it has definitely affected me in the past, especially as a person who has always been aware of the things I eat. Let's face it, there are some extreme "diets" that some bloggers are pushing on the viewers. Simply by lusting over their "perfect" lifestyles, you want to change your daily routine to become just like them: healthy, beautiful and happy. These bloggers do affect the way you think about fitness and food and for me it was in a problematic way (and I'm in my twenties, I can't imagine what it's like for the teens). Their lifestyles are quite difficult to achieve for an everyday person and I was really hard on myself because I didn't meet their standards. I'm a blogger and on top of that also have a part-time job. I simply did not find enough time to follow bloggers' routines and all I really needed was an example that would be compatible with my lifestyle.

What about if I don't want to follow the "clean eating" lifestyle? 

We are all different. Our bodies react differently to different foods, workouts, lifestyles. And by bloggers, pushing the same "clean eating" lifestyle, I think that they do more damage than good. Don't get me wrong, I support all my fellow bloggers 100%, but I always take their advice with a pinch of salt. I have been dieting all my life and was never really happy with the way I looked. I was always a bit overweight and it was because of my lifestyle, no doubt. Consequently I cut back on food, didn't want to eat anything, tried out the paleo diet, exercised every day of the week, etc. Nothing worked. Then I did some research and even though I'm pretty busy, as I've mentioned before, I did manage to find a way to make it work (Tim Gunn would be proud haha). I realised that nothing changes overnight and that I needed to go on a journey, not necessarily following the clean eating routines and lifestyle, but completely overhauling my lifestyle and finding out what works best for my body.

My current routine 

I don't go to the gym (yet),  but I do walk everywhere I go (try to make 10,000 steps a day) and exercise at home. 
I don't follow the clean eating lifestyle. I eat literally everything, but in regular and small portions. I don't starve myself, but offer my body all the vitamins and proteins available. The only thing I like to cut down on is sugar (I would recommend you to watch the That Sugar Film documentary). 
I try to stay away from processed and fast foods.
I drink A LOT of water. 
I learnt that nothing changes overnight and that it's all about the journey. It really takes a long time, but the results are worthwhile. 

To conclude ... 

It's not about the diets bloggers or Instagrammers are constantly pushing. It's about listening to your body and figuring out what works best for you. Of course I would recommend you to search for meal inspirations in different blogger's posts, but don't follow them step by step. Again, focus on the things you think work for you. The blogger that sticks out to me the most is The Anna Edit and her lifestyle change in 2016. She actually inspired me to make some lifestyle changes myself and finally start taking care of my body. I would recommend you to check her out. She took the best way to change her everyday routine and I would like to continue my lifestyle change in the direction she took.


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