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Get ready for a cheesy post about New year, new me and all that stuff. 

That's it. We're officially in 2017! Hopefully you had a great time and spent the holidays with your friends and family. Firstly I want to thank all of you for your support throughout the year. 2016 was a crazy year for me and it's hard to just sum it up in a single post. 2016 was a year of big shifts and challenges, which opened my eyes to new perspectives and so many question, which I hope to answer in 2017. 
So many things happened last year, but December sticks out the most for me. It was a month of ups and downs and I feel like everything changed in December. I changed, blog changed, relationships changed. I was so over 2016 by the end of the month and as I've mentioned in my last post, I needed to take some time off and plan out the future of Blush, which now sounds pretty exciting to me. I don't have any special resolutions for this year because I don't want to limit myself that way. My main wish for 2017 is to devote my fullest attention to my blog, just go for it and see what happens next. 
So here is a short recap of what is happening in 2017. There will be 2 posts every week (sometimes I will also add some bonus ones), one on Monday and one on Thursday, split into 6 different categories: interviews, collaborations, fashion, beauty, personal posts and otherBlush will stay the same; it will still be a blog about me and my interests: a fusion of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, but with more regular posts and (hopefully) better quality content. 

I am so excited to start with the new year. 2017, bring it on! 


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