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The Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's day

A Valentine's Day post for all the single ladies out there. 

Well, my dear readers, it's that time of the year once again. You know THE holiday that reminds us of how totally single we are. And how much we actually like all that freedom! It's a very good chance that you've been bombarded by all the Valentine's Day posts in the past week or so. I know I've certainly been. I take this holiday completely aside, because who says that Valentine's Day is just for couples. It can still be a fun holiday, even if you're single. I prepared a short guide for you today, to really enjoy this Valentine's Day.

Show yourself some love / Rejuvenate with a Pamper routine

It might sound intimidating to you, being alone on this holiday, but that's not the case if you treat yourself to a nice pamper routine. After all, everyone needs to show themselves some love from time to time. Give yourself a facial, take a bath, paint your nails, practise some yoga or even go to a spa. In the spirit of love and Valentine's Day I chose an OPI nail polish in a gorgeous red shade named Big Apple Red. I absolutely adore OPI's nail polish formula - it's opaque, long-lasting and in general really easy to use. But because their nail polishes can be quite expensive, I like to save them for special occasions only.
If you aren't the beauty type of a girl, order a takeout from your favourite restaurant and watch a movie. If you keep busy and really treat yourself, you may enjoy Valentine's Day just like the rest of the couples.  

Cheers / My Valentine is Wine 

Pour yourself a glass of wine and raise a toast to yourself - your successes, dreams, goals. Basically everything you've achieved so far, on your own.

Treat yourself to something special

What are you going to do with all the money, you would spend on your partner? Treat yourself to something special, of course. Purchase an item you've been wanting for months, but didn't have a proper reason to justify the purchase. Now is the best time to make that move. I always like to treat myself to a new perfume, because it's a product that I don't buy that often, but when I do, it definitely carries a sort of a sentimental meaning to me.
My favourite of the moment is from Burberry, My Burberry: clean, chic and understated. It's inspired by the famous Burberry trench coat and its heritage of British design. It captures the essence of London - a city I absolutely adore. It's a very unique and memorable scent, yet still very timeless, feminine and classic. I've never received as many compliments on a perfume as I have with this one + it lasts all day long.

Go shopping

I'm clearly a passionate advocate of spending money on Valentine's Day. Shopping (or simply window-shopping, if you're living on a budget) is my favourite thing to do: to relax, take my mind off things and bring about some changes into my daily routine (if you've read my recent posts you all know how much I love to do that).

Go on a Group Trip

Why not plan a getaway with some of your single friends? Celebrate the holiday together and have fun wherever the path takes you. Go to a spa, rent a cabin, go hiking, to the seaside or on a short city break trip. The options are endless!

Girls' Night Out

If you really think about it, going out with your girlfriends on Valentine's Day can be a pretty good idea, because you won't be alone in this. There will be lots of single people doing the exact same thing. So put your best outfit on and choose a fun spot to go with your friends. Hit the bars, a restaurant or a club. Even if you're not looking for a relationship, you'll still have fun no matter what.

Girls' Night In / Throw a party

If you're not the clubbing kind of girl, then a good girls' night in is the best choice for you. Wearing comfortable clothes, watching cheesy romantic comedies, ordering takeout, eating tons of chocolate and drinking wine sounds like the perfect evening to me. Invite your best friends, prepare a cozy spot for all of you to hang out and simply enjoy. Valentine's Day will be gone in no time! 

Fall in love with something else than a guy

Find something new you might enjoy doing and try it out. Be it yoga, baking, drawing or photography. You have the entire day to find something that will make you happy and keep you busy at the same time!

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