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What Happened the Day I Stopped Caring

Coming from someone, who spent a big part of my 21 years on this earth abiding the rules, following what people told me to do and trying to fit in - in general trying to be someone I wasn't. 

It's time to care less. Yup, you read that right. At the beginning of February I set a special goal for myself: to stop caring about and obsessing over everything. This was honestly quite a daring move, considering us students had an exam period all throughout February. This doesn't necessarily mean that I didn't work hard, but it means I just didn't stress over everything, if it didn't go as planned. The results were amazing and it was the best decision I've made in a while. It was a liberating, empowering and inspiring change. I can without a doubt say that the exact day, when I stopped caring about everyone and everything, was the day that everything began to fall into place. Here are some things I learnt throughout this "experiment" mixed with tips to feel more carefree and reduce that heavy mental load.

No more stress

The biggest impact of "me not caring for a month" was the reduction of stress in my day to day life. Instead of worrying, if I had studied enough for an exam the next day, I rather focused on the fact that I work hard enough and "treated" myself with an hour of pure relaxation - yoga, drinks with friends or a movie. I felt much more relaxed and prepared to conquer anything that came in my way. 

Society's expectations and being good enough 

It can quickly become unhealthy, living in a competitive world and always trying to measure up somehow. I realised that when you accept yourself as who you are, you don't need to prove yourself to anyone. Don't follow the media images of perfection, but be happy with who you are. Always challenge this type of thinking.

Stop caring about what others think 

Do whatever you have to, but don't take into account what others think. It's your life and your decisions, so stand by them. When you care too much about what others will say about you, you start living your life for them and not yourself. So, you do you.

Do things because you actually want to do them 

I used to buy clothes, listen to music or wear less makeup just because I wanted to impress others and cared that much about what people thought of me. Imagine doing things you don't even like just to please someone else. Now I do things that actually make me happy and consequently I feel much more confident.
I started Blush for me, to express my thoughts about fashion, beauty and now even lifestyle. I publish anything I want, without any limitations or restrictions.
I dye my hair because I love myself as a blonde and it makes me really happy.
Sometimes I eat pizza and drink wine, stay at home and watch movies. Other times I get all dressed up and go clubbing.
Whatever I do, I do it because it makes me happy and I actually enjoy doing it.

Failure is part of everyone's life experience 

Failure is a word that everyone is afraid of. But it doesn't have to be that way, because in the end it all depends on how you perceive it. If you see failure as not being perfect, you’re going to be permanently miserable. So see failure as a learning curve that in the end strengthens you and your personality.

Lose the Fear of rejection

Many of us are so afraid of rejection that we stay in our comfort zones. But the more we hide out of the fear of rejection, the more it will grow. You have to show yourself that you can express your feelings. You will conquer fear of rejection in this way and feel more carefree. Even if the outcome is not what you have initially expected, you will soon realise that it wasn’t as bad as you anticipated.

Leave the past behind

To err is human. It is inevitable and that's just how life goes. But don't be so hard on yourself, when you mess up. Begin to accept that everyone gets it wrong sometimes and that regrets are part of life. "The past cannot be undone, so why would you constantly try to change that. Why would you put so much energy into something that you cannot really control. Accept what has gone before, make allowances for human error and move on." Leave the past behind and start seeing things in a new light.

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