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My Life on Instagram / April

Yeah we get it, we are in May already. I feel like I and the rest of the bloggers write this kind of post every single month. It always starts with a remark that "I can't believe it's already the next month and how the time is flying by way too fast." But not to focus on that and change things up a bit, I decided to look back on the month of April and instead of posting my favourite item of the month, I would post about a few important things and events that happened during the month of April. 
So here they are, 7 events that marked the month of April (even though there are 9 photos in the collage below). 


April was the month of fashion weeks. Technically LJFW happened at the end of March, but the so-called fashion season continued into the beginning of April with MBFWLJ. It was a great one - I captured everything right here on Blush, so if you'd like to read more about it click hereAs part of the fashion week season, the designers spreaded their own showrooms around Ljubljana, where they presented their collections to clients and other fashion enthusiasts. I visited Janja Videc in ZOOFA shop, Aleksandra Brlan with her collection presented in Bazilika Cafe, and last but certainly not least, Petja Zorec and her fashion show in MSUM (Museum of Contemporary Art). 


I also had an interview with, where I talked about my style, blog and different style inspirations. God I was nervous before going into the interview, because I'm not used to these kind of situations. But I pushed it through, plucked up the courage and once I was there, I didn't feel nervous at all. I was really impressed with the whole process of interviewing and of course the end result. Now I can't wait to do this all over again, someday. 

Collaboration with Antiq Palace Hotel 

Shooting in Antiq Palace Hotel: as part of a special collaboration with Afrodita Cosmetics (coming soon), me and Zan from Epopteia Photography had the chance to shoot in a lovely hotel, right in the center of Ljubljana. Their atrium, which is embedded in greenery, was the perfect spot for this collaboration. So stay tuned! 


During the Easter Weekend me, Klemen and Anton decided to make an impromptu portrait photoshoot. The main idea was to make classic black and white portraits, which we could use wherever we wished, but most importantly, proudly look it back in the old age. I think we did an amazing job, because the photos turned out amazing. April was definitely friends&family oriented month and I realised how blessed I am to have them by my side 24/7. Finishing on that thought and of course ending the month of April - the last Saturday in April we went on a surprise trip to Haludovo as part of Klemen's Birthday celebration. I was both amazed and shocked at the sight and condition this hotel is in. The Haludovo Palace Hotel (built in 1972) is an abandoned resort hotel on the Croatian island Krk, north of Malinska. Definitely recommend you to stop there sometime in the future and explore this wonderful place yourself. 

That's it, a whole month of events in just a single post. 


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  1. Beautiful pictures :) Love the instagram post :)


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