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1 / Cute and sick have been my most used words of 2017. 

2 / And red has (surprisingly) been the colour of 2017. But black&white is still my thing, no worries.  

3 / Curiosity and ambition is the key to success. Oh and hard work of course. 

4 / I hate when people invade my personal space. 

5 / I am obsessed with British Game Shows. You name it, I probably watched it. 

6 / Walking barefoot at home is my thing. Investing in a pair of slippers sounds ridiculous to me. 

7 / My most watched (and probably my favourite) movie of all time is Pride and Prejudice. 

8 / I still hate tomatoes. Despite putting a LOT of effort into liking them, I still can't stand the taste of it. 

9 / I could eat chestnuts anytime, anywhere.

10 / I hate when people push me into relationships. I am more than happy with my single life atm. 
(being a leo definitely has something to do with it, because I like to be quite independent and alone at times) 

11 / I am still very careful about sharing my personal stuff, but I definitely loosened up in the past year. 

12 / I don't do anything to my brows/try to keep them as natural as possible. Because there was a time, when there weren't any at all. 

13 / Even though I love my two nieces and a nephew I am now more than sure I do not want to have children in the future. 

14 / I love the sound and smell of rain. However, I hate thunderstorms. 

15 / If I feel uninspired or feel like I won't fully dedicate myself to a project I would rather leave it as it is than present something half done and average. 

16 / My signature makeup look is an eyeliner. 

17 / I hate unambitious people. 

18 / When I was younger I was the kid that always played by the rules and completely obeyed everyone. But lately my more rebellious side has been popping out and I'm now not afraid to stand up for myself and my work. 

19 / Don't try to talk to me first thing in the morning. I will most likely ruin the rest of your day. 

20 / This year I finally discovered the feeling of actually enjoying your job, which was sadly quite foreign to me up until now. 

21 / I hate arrogant people, who constantly criticise but don't have anything better to offer themselves. 

22 / I am 22 years old today, even though people say I look much older (ups)


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