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How to look good on a budget?

// or how to make affordable clothes look more expensive //

"Clothes are expensive", especially if you are a young adult living on a budget like I am. And if you get a chance to swap all that for more affordable and comfortable clothing option, you will definitely take that one, right? That's why I decided to show you three different outfits all created on a limited budget for three different occasions: back to college, on-the-go and a night out look.
Keeping it simple is always on trend, because you can always experiment with your makeup and hair. I chose my signature winged-eyeliner makeup look and three different hairstyles according to each occasion: a sleeked back ponytail for the environments, when you don't want to get fussy with hair and it is also great option for rainy days (knock, knock autumn is here); messy waves for on-the-go because you can easily take it from day to night and sleeked back hair for a night out - my go-to option for special occasions and events.

Let's start with a back to college outfit - my current uniform. 
We all love to wear a good biker jacket, which makes any outfit look much more expensive than it actually is. I paired it with a simple pair of light-wash mom jeans from Topshop, white tee from Asos and a pair of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. 
Tip #1: To make this outfit a bit more elevated from the basic jeans and a t-shirt combo, choose an embellished belt. Here is another tip: I chose is simple white&red striped ribbon, to add another fall trend to the outfit - the colour red, which is transitioning from the warmer months directly into the fall and winter time. 
Tip #2: Use headphones. Most practical accessory you could have and you will never see me without them. 

Second outfit was created with busy women in mind, who live their lives constantly on-the-go. Not just for businesswomen but also for us students, who simply don't have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. Who wants to get out of bed in the morning, when you can get a bit more sleep? Am I right? That's why I prepared a simple, minimalistic outfit that will always make you look put together in just a few short minutes.
I chose a pair of Zara striped black pants, which I paired with my most worn and versatile piece - black tank top from Pimkie and sock boots also from Zara. When you wear monochromatic items, you get more easy options to put together different outfits + when you wear black, you always look good.
Tip #3: Use the most versatile pieces you have in your wardrobe when you are on-the-go. This Hofer bracelet turned into a choker is the perfect example - you get two items in one. Another one is a transparent makeup bag from Interio, which I turned into a simple clutch. 
When you add different textures to the outfit, you make any simple outfit look more interesting.

Living the perfect night life is a habit of most of the students. And the perfect outfit must go with that lifestyle. I love to wear something simple, usually a little black dress and heels. While transitioning into the autumn season, we must not forget to update our closets and style as well. For this outfit I chose a black knitted dress from Music Loves Fashion collection to keep me nice and cozy, heeled boots from Zara, a nice pair of Janja Videc earrings and a Zara raincoat.
Tip #4: Yes, I have chosen a raincoat because you never know, when you will be caught in rain. Especially in autumn.
Tip #5: It's also very practical because you can fold it to any size you prefer (very easy to carry around with you). It also puts an edge to any basic black outfit (aka. channeling my inner Rihanna) + athleisure is so on trend atm!

These are a few of my favourite tips to update your autumn style. What are your suggestions for the upcoming season? If you have any ideas just leave them below in comments or simply contact me. I'll be very happy to hear what you have to say! x 

photos: Klemen 

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