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When you find the perfect natural softbox on one of your favourite streets in Ljubljana, magic happens. 


Mixing animal print with stripes and a perfect turtle neck sweater has to be a match made in heaven. Athleisure is still going strong: being cozy and fashionable is still very much in - so enjoy while it lasts.

I sure will! 

outfit: Red Valentino, Escada F/W 2017 , @galerijaemporium

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// I have a challenge for you. //

I'm challenging you to take a role of a student, who is living on a budget, trying to always look as stylish as possible. That's not easy for anyone, because students can't always afford new clothes in order to follow the trends magazines and designers are feeding us, so I'll be really happy, if you will join their lifestyle for the next 30 days.
I challenge you not to buy anything for the next month and really try to dig deep into your closet and gradually re-discover the items you have already purchased and maybe wore only a few times before. I prepared 8 tips, which I hope will help you survive this challenge:  looking stylish, when you are on a budget, meaning absolutely broke. When you don't have the means to do so, you start being more inventive with your style, which is always a good thing. 

So here they are! Let's do this.

Pop of colour


What better way to incorporate something stylish into your day to day outfit than with a nice pop of colour. In autumn I especially love to wear burgundy, blue, green and of course this burnt orange/brown shade - these are all the perfect autumnal colours anyone could introduce to their wardrobe. Pop of colour is probably the easiest way to change the day you normally dress and people really positively react to that. So don't be afraid of some colour!

Follow the rule of 3


A fashion rule of three is something that you should always keep in mind while picking your looks for that day. When choosing an outfit, you naturally opt for a combination of a bottom (jeans, trousers, skirts) and a simple top; even though there's absolutely nothing wrong with following this simple routine, you can always mix it up by simply adding a third item, which can instantly transform an otherwise simple outfit. Be it a statement belt, earrings, or a pop of colour in your bag or shoes - adding a third element will instantly elevate your outfit and definitely make you look stylish, even when you're on a tight budget.

The leather jacket


I'll be very quick with this one, because you're all probably already sick of hearing the same exact thing in every single post of mine. So yes, you probably guessed it from the beginning of this post - it's my beloved leather jacket, which is in my opinion the best fashion investment you can ever opt for. So let your jacket fall of your shoulders or to make it more effortless, keep it more subtle and just do one shoulder.

Voila, another easy way to elevate your look in just a few short seconds.

Shop for / Invest in the classics


Always buy clothes that will never go out of fashion - basics will represent the core of your wardrobe, so don't be hesitant to invest in some classic white (silk) shirts, blazers, sweaters, pencil skirts and trousers. These are the pieces everyone should own in their closet because they will represent the majority of your outfit. If they look good, you will look good as well.

Matching sets


This is currently my favourite trend, a matching set of a pencil skirt and a simple top. If you really think about it, it's a simple combo, but the colour and the pattern make it so much more fashionable and appealing. You will look like you put a lot of effort into your outfit, even though you didn't. Awesome, huh. 
If you don't have a matching set, don't panic, we can makes this work. You most likely own a top and a bottom piece of clothing in the same material or colour and you maybe haven't worn it together before. Don't be hesitant and try them on - all one colour outfits are really on trend, especially if we are talking about neutrals, pastels or a pop of red. 

Follow the rule of 2


Besides the rule of three, there's another rule you should be following, when trying to look a but more stylish than usual. This is a trick that I frequently follow, because it's super easy and I'm honestly way too lazy to put a lot of effort into the way I look most times. So when you chose a dress or a jumpsuit (so a one-piece item of clothing) don't just leave it at that - put a top, shirt or a cami underneath, to add another element to a simple outfit. You can also introduce some colour back into your look or another interesting texture (velvet, sequins), pattern, etc.
Choices are endless with this one! You just have to find out what works best for you. 

Wearing a blazer as a top


You may haven't thought of this next tip before, but it's such an easy one, you will quickly introduce it into your style. It's wearing blazer as a top in combination with jeans and a pair of awesome statement boots. Wear a nice bra or bralette underneath, tie it around your waist and rock you favourite blazer as a top. I love to wear my blue and black stripped blazer from Zara in combination with light wash boyfriend jeans from Mango and a pair or sock boots with a statement silver block heel.

All black outfit


Last but not least - my favourite style tip of all time. When in doubt, always opt for an all black look. You can never go wrong with this one, because you will look put-together and classy no matter what the circumstances are. You can wear an all black outfit to a important event, work, school or on your next shopping trip. It's undoubtedly the easiest way into tricking people you have your sh** together. It's what I do most of the days.

So that's it. These are some of my tips to help you style yourself!

outfit: Hugo Boss F/W 2017 , @galerijaemporium


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If I have learnt anything over the past six years of blogging is that being selective and critical is the best advice anyone could give you when it comes to style, trends and fashion in general. Trends can be so wonderful and tricky at the same time, so you have to be careful and selective to correctly incorporate them into your wardrobe. I have already written a piece about trends and how to correctly follow them quite recently, so if you'd like to read a more in-depth post about that click here.

Instagrammers and bloggers have influenced my style quite a lot over the past few years, which evidently shows in my clearly overpacked wardrobe. I used to be one of those people who bought clothes because they looked great on other people. This resulted in large amounts of leather jackets, fedora hats, sock boots, red everything etc. My wardrobe couldn't take it anymore, so I have decided this time around to willingly say NO to the following trends, which don't suit me or my style. Experimenting with fashion is of course one thing I love to emphasise and encourage all the time, but when it comes to some particular trends I know they won't suit me, my budget or my taste, I now say no thank you and simply move onto the next one. This doesn't mean I don't approve of other people wearing them, but just the fact that I cannot see myself wearing them in the future, makes my decision very clear and easy. That's why I came up with this post to list some of the upcoming trends I am not that fond of. 

So here they are, 5 fashion trends I will not follow this autumn.

Fishnet tights and socks


Somehow we have entered a point where literally everybody has been wearing these fishnet stockings. And even though this trend started around spring time, I still see it on every social media site. They are being worn under jeans and shown over the waist, peeking through ripped denim or the simplest way, as socks. They add a cool and edgy vibe to your outfit, but they look a bit ridiculous to me to be completely honest with you. I find them rather intimidating and I definitely cannot pull them off, so I will be staying away from this trend for sure.



One of the biggest summer fashion trends were clinched and belted waists, which were seen on nearly every runway and of course, street style. They are evidently continuing to the autumn time as well. 
So what is the reason I don't like them, you may ask? I feel like they cheapen an outfit and I can't imagine myself wearing a waist clincher. This is one of those Instagram trends that won't be sticking around for much longer, so that's why I'm giving it a miss.
This neatly ties into my next trend, which I won't be following this autumn, which is 

Statement Belts


Making you waist appear quite small is I suppose every woman's dream. However, if you are trying to achieve that with a huge statement belt the effect can unfortunately be quite the opposite of what you are after. When you put an over-the-top statement belt around your waist, it undoubtedly puts all the focus around that area. Everyone's attention will go straight to your waist and if you're not particularly tiny around your waist area, you will enhance it even more (my theory of course, don't quote me on that). I find the statement belts to be completely over-the-top and again, simply don't go well with my style. This autumn I think I'll rather stick with my chokers, earrings and other accessories to complete my look.

So-called '80s glam


After a few fashion seasons of the '70s, we are finally moving onto another decade - the 80s, which I've already presented in one of my this year's fashion week looks (click here). 80s are all about eccentric looks, with neon colours, puffed-up sleeves and dramatic ruffles. Even though I'm a huge fan of the 80s office wear (which you already know if you have read my previous post), I think I will pass on the so-called 80s glam, and will rather stick to the 70s, which I've learnt to love and embrace, 80s office wear and of course give a special attention to the everyone's favourite - the 90s.

Vintage Inspired Furs 


Last autumn it was all about statement fur, but we are getting back to its original form. This fall the focus will be around vintage inspired furs, looking like you borrowed them from your beautiful and fashionable great-grandmother. 
In the past few years I have realised that (faux) fur doesn't really suit me or my taste. It's looks way too chunky on my body frame and makes me appear like I'm trying too hard to be fashionable. So yeah, this is a hard pass for me. 



That's it! Five trends for the autumn time that I won't be following. They may work for you, so don't worry, I'm not judging you. I'm pretty sure you also have trends that don't suit you - so don't be scared or hesitant and tell them in the comments below. I'd love to read about your passes for this autumn. 

Talk to you soon. 
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My favourite season is finally here. 

Autumn is officially here and yes, I am veeeery excited. Even though I prefer the crisp cold weather mixed with cozy outfits, which is of course autumn's trademark, I am still really enjoying the warm and sunny weather we are having here in Ljubljana over the past few days. Because autumn style is my favourite type, I prepared a list of 7 easy ways // items to update your autumn style and wardrobe.

So here we go. 


You all have probably guessed this one. Yes of course, it's the infamous lather jacket - especially when it comes to soft leather, which is one of the upcoming fall trends. Even though everybody's raging over the insta-loved biker jacket, leather doesn't always equal tough. This season it's also getting a fresh, ladylike spin, which was seen at Alexander McQueen, Valentino and others.

It also looks great in suiting, which is our next big autumn trend.


My everyday uniform is about to get a whole new officewear twist.

Double breasted blazers, emphasised (padded) shoulders, tailored check suits and trousers mark out the new trend for the A/W 2017. Athleisure is still quite big around the social media, however, it is slowly but surely making some room for modern suiting. This trend definitely makes you feel like a true #girlboss and I can't wait to explore it even more this season.
If you'd like to see and read more about this trend, click here - it's one of my fashion week outfits, where I dive into more details about the 80s and officewear. 


Knits for autumn? Not that groundbreaking I know, but autumn just wouldn't be the same without the cozy knits and other essential basics - a simple white t-shirt, a good pair of ripped boyfriend jeans (which you can also pair with the leather jacket - of course Ana, what alse :) and everything finished off with a nice turtle neck knit sweater. I chose this grey one from Polo Ralph Lauren - one of my favourite colours to wear during this season - which I paired with lightwash boyfriend jeans also from Polo Ralph Lauren. 

This is my favourite combo for a casual autumn outfit. 


Crystal mesh, silver and sequins are all around us this season. From boots to dresses and backpacks. Try on your most blinding item in your wardrobe and tone it down with other basics for a day look or wear it on its own for a good night out.


Red was everywhere during the S/S 2017 and it's obvious that is not going anywhere anytime soon. People are confidently calling it the fifth neutral for a reason (besides white, black, grey and beige) - an all red outfit is a chic, very fashionable spin we can all try out this autumn. 


Last but certainly not least is the fringe - be it on your sleeves, dresses, bags or trousers. It was seen on every major catwalk, even on our latest fashion week in Ljubljana (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Ljubljana), so you know you cannot miss out on this one. 
If you're not an avid fan of the fringe you can include it with the small details - like bags and accessories - or you can go all out and wear jackets and dresses fully decorated with fringe. Whatever you prefer you will make a statement either way you wear it! 

So what is your favourite trend this season? Let me know in the comments below. 

outfit: Polo Ralph Lauren and Cavalli Class F/W 2017 , @galerijaemporium


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"I would describe my look as a ladylike rock chick." 

Fashion week is in town and just at the right time, following the recently finished fashion week month, and boy oh boy will I end everything off with a nice black and white outfit. Of course, what did you expect. Following the crazy colourful last post I had to tone it down a notch and return back to my minimalist roots. 

But don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean I will serve you a simple // basic outfit. Oh no no. Today's look represents a juxtaposition of colours and volumes: black and white, striped and pleated, long and flat.

Vintage Neck Scarf


So let's start with shoes for a change - heels would definitely be an obvious choice for this outfit, but because it's fashion week you know you need to take the unexpected route. So I went for a pair of black monk shoes from Asos combined with socks from a Slovene fashion designer - Aleksandra Brlan.


Of course everything is focused around this gorgeous, voluminous Asos black&white dress. It moves beautifully and undoubtedly makes an outfit stand out. It's midi length so you can pretty much wear it with everything. Such a statement dress that it would be a shame if I passed on this one.


To complete the ladylike rock chick look, we must not forget about the beloved leather jacket (this specific one is from Zara), which edges up any outfit - something that constantly talk about and I think you all know about it by now + a new addition to the "edgy section" - a biker neck scarf, 

As for hair and makeup + accessories goes I also kept it more on the edgy side. Of course the entire look wouldn't be complete without my signature winged eye-liner (Superliner from L'Oreal), a liquid lipstick (Sleek Matte Me liquid lipstick in Birthday suit) to stay on my lips all night long and sleek, straight hair.
You might be wondering there's no handbag to complete this look - and you're right. I decided to only bring my phone with me, with money saved in my statement furry phone case, because I honestly didn't need a bag with me. My makeup was long-wearing and who doesn't love to have their hands completely free?

So that's all, my minimalistic rocker chic outfit. What do you think? What are your suggestions for the upcoming season regarding outfits? If you have any ideas just leave them below in comments or simply contact me. I'll be very happy to hear what you have to say! x

foto: Epopteia Photography 

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Minimalist 80s Office Wear. 

Office Wear, especially this specific check print, is in my opinion the hottest trend at the moment. You can see it in pretty much every store you walk into, on the streets, in magazines, on every blogger's Instagram - yeah, it is literally everywhere. And combined with another big trend of the season - the 80s - you get the perfect combo.

Asos White Blazer (similar)
Zara Sock Boots (similar)


We are past the 70s and the 90s. Now it's time to move everything aside and prepare some room for another fashion era, the 80s. At first I was really apprehensive of using this trend on a day to day basis, but when you combine the trend with office wear (blazer, trousers, skirts, etc.), it is actually surprisingly easy to style and wear. I opted for an oversized Asos White blazer, in the trendy check pattern with the addition of black, white and burnt red lines.


You can never go wrong with a little black dress, am I right? It it THE staple wardrobe piece every woman should own in her closet. It's the easiest item to style, so you can literally never go wrong when choosing the little black dress as part of your outfit. I especially love the juxtaposition of an oversized blazer and a figure-hugging midi dress. I found this one in Dorothy Perkins a few years ago, but never found the right time and event to wear it to - even though it's such a staple wardrobe piece I found it rather hard to style it, because I'm not really a fan of tight clothes and especially because I'm more of a trousers and a t-shirt kinda gal. Nevertheless, I finally found the perfect event to wear it to - where else than to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Ljubljana.


I kinda blame Balenciaga for introducing this specific trend, because it's so freaking gorgeous that I needed to include it in this outfit: they are of course black sock boots with a silver block heel from Zara. They make any outfit stand out + they make your legs look really good, which is a bonus we all love :)


As I've mentioned in my To be or not to be a maximalist?! post, statement colours, designs, textures and accessories are back. It's been a hot minute since I last wore statement jewellery, but I'm glad to be back on this trend bandwagon. These black and gold tassel earrings from Asos beautifully complemented sleeked back hair and really made the pieces all come together.

Makeup-wise I opted again for a sleeked back look and a dark smokey eye to make this less of a going-to-the-office look and more fashionable and edgier. I finished the look with manicured nails in a burnt red colour from Essie and a clear clutch bag from Interio.

You guys, that's all: my 80s Office Wear inspired outfit. What do you think? Did I do justice to the four main trends of this season (office wear, check, sock boots and statement jewellery)? Don't be hesitant to let me know in the comments below!

Now get back to work!

foto: Epopteia Photography 

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Minimalism is dead. 
Maximalism has arrived. 

So yeah, I am in a bit of a situation.

As you all know, I was never shy of labelling myself as a minimalist (even though I love to wear way too much makeup on a day to day basis), who loves to wear monochrome outfits with the addition of a variety of textures. Recently, I have been slowly adding colour into my wardrobe and getting into the trend that has been seen around quite a lot - maximalism. Since I've started working as a sales associate, I have been completely taken over by Kenzo and its crazy colour combinations. I think I'm slowly getting that maximalism bug and I kinda dig it.

When I first saw this dress I knew that I wanted to make an outfit with it. It's a multicolour cotton ribbed-knit dress that steals everyones attention, when you're walking down the street. The colour contrasts in this design are so thoughtful and make a powerful impact, whilst you are standing or moving around. It's a semi-transparent knit, but it remains completely opaque when its worn on the body. This dress is undeniably beautiful: it is the perfect combination of texture, colours, simplistic design and understated bell sleeves. Wouldn't you agree? Everything is thoroughly thought through and even though it may seem too much at a first glance, it will completely take you over once you see it in action.


Because I didn't want the outfit to appear too overdone, I decided to still stay true to my aesthetic and combine the dress with a simple pair of strappy black heels from Bershka.

I think this is the one dress every minimalist lover will dare to wear and feel great in it.

dress: Kenzo F/W 2017/18, @galerijaemporium

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