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"I would describe my look as a ladylike rock chick." 

Fashion week is in town and just at the right time, following the recently finished fashion week month, and boy oh boy will I end everything off with a nice black and white outfit. Of course, what did you expect. Following the crazy colourful last post I had to tone it down a notch and return back to my minimalist roots. 

But don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean I will serve you a simple // basic outfit. Oh no no. Today's look represents a juxtaposition of colours and volumes: black and white, striped and pleated, long and flat.

Vintage Neck Scarf


So let's start with shoes for a change - heels would definitely be an obvious choice for this outfit, but because it's fashion week you know you need to take the unexpected route. So I went for a pair of black monk shoes from Asos combined with socks from a Slovene fashion designer - Aleksandra Brlan.


Of course everything is focused around this gorgeous, voluminous Asos black&white dress. It moves beautifully and undoubtedly makes an outfit stand out. It's midi length so you can pretty much wear it with everything. Such a statement dress that it would be a shame if I passed on this one.


To complete the ladylike rock chick look, we must not forget about the beloved leather jacket (this specific one is from Zara), which edges up any outfit - something that constantly talk about and I think you all know about it by now + a new addition to the "edgy section" - a biker neck scarf, 

As for hair and makeup + accessories goes I also kept it more on the edgy side. Of course the entire look wouldn't be complete without my signature winged eye-liner (Superliner from L'Oreal), a liquid lipstick (Sleek Matte Me liquid lipstick in Birthday suit) to stay on my lips all night long and sleek, straight hair.
You might be wondering there's no handbag to complete this look - and you're right. I decided to only bring my phone with me, with money saved in my statement furry phone case, because I honestly didn't need a bag with me. My makeup was long-wearing and who doesn't love to have their hands completely free?

So that's all, my minimalistic rocker chic outfit. What do you think? What are your suggestions for the upcoming season regarding outfits? If you have any ideas just leave them below in comments or simply contact me. I'll be very happy to hear what you have to say! x

foto: Epopteia Photography 

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  1. I think you describe your look perfect and I love the cool look you show here!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Fino. Fino.
    Vsaj nogavičke imam take kot ti ;)


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