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M J M / Ko majica pove vse.

To je majica, ki pove čisto vse v eni samcati enostavni frazi. Čeprav se vam zdi fraza provokativna, pa je resnična reakcija na številne dogodke, ki se nam pojavljajo v vsakodnevnem življenju. In ta fraza pride še kako prav. Mi ne verjamete? Preberite dalje ...

Naj vam nakažem situacije: 

1. Ko se folk ne pomakne do konca avtobusa. Sej vsi radi stojimo spredi ane.
2. Ko spet delaš zastonj in dobro referenco. Umetniki brez referenc sigurno ne bomo preživeli.
3. Ko se folk vstopi v trgovino 5 minut pred zaprtjem in se odloči tam ostati dlje kot ponavadi. Saj vsi radi podaljšamo svoj delovni čas.
4. Ko te avto zalije s plundro na avtobusni postaji.
5. Ko se ljudje pritožujejo nad cenami v trgovini. Kot da sem jih sama postavila.
6. Ko folk počasi hodi po sredini pločnika.
7. Ko je vsak obrtnik več vreden. Ker jaz samo na hitro povem, kdo bo imel kaj oblečen. Pa še tole boš na hitr namazala. Sej ni težko. Zastonj, ane?
8. Jaz sem stilistka. Aja dobr, kaj pa drugač delaš?
9. Ko je zunaj 30 stopinj in ima avtobus obvoz. In klima ne dela. Spet.
10. Ko ti vsi pod fotke pišejo: you should smile more.

You get me? Zdej pa vsi po svojo majico na Klemnov blog! Več o projektu M J M. 

photo: Epopteia Photography

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The Fanny Pack is back. This time around we are labelling it as a belt or waist bag. It's a reinvented look of a 90s trend and so many people are jumping on board with this trend. My Instagram has been flooded with pictures of different versions of this bag - they really intrigued me to go have a look in Zara and as you may have figured out already, I couldn't resist buying one for myself. 

At first I thought this will be a tricky bag to style, but when I searched through my closet, this lovely blue and white striped blazer from Zara jumped right out from the rest of the selection. I haven't worn it in quite a while because it was to cold to wear it on its own and while it's layered it just doesn't do justice to an outfit. Now it finally got the time to shine. Blazers and office-wear in general have been around since last fall and they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Matching blazers and pants, in different vibrant or pastel colours, has been another big trend at the moment which I might try out next. 

This bag looks great belted around your waist because it optically cinches you in right at the waist - great trick if you're box-shaped like me. It can also be worn as a belt with jeans or more smart trousers. Another great way to style it is over a coat or an oversized jacket. 

For the rest of the outfit I decided to keep it quite casual so I paired the bag with a simple white tee from H&M, mom lightwash Topshop jeans, Primark sunnies + hoop earrings and a pair of loafers from River Island. 

I love how carefree this bag makes me feel. Even though this bag might be a trend for only a season or two, and we may look back at it laughing at our bad choices, I don't really care about all of that. Fashion should be fun and experimental and this bag definitely proves that.

What are your thoughts about this bag? Let me know in the comments below.

wearing: Zara white&blue striped blazer, Zara belt bag, H&M white t-shirt, Topshop mom jeans, Primark earrings and sunglasses, River Island loafers.

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Denim jackets have been seen everywhere in the past few weeks, especially double denim (oversized denim jackets paired with straight leg jeans - skinny is out!). 
This will be a big trend this spring and summer time, so get ready for it. 


I got this denim jacket from my last trip to London, after strolling around Carnaby Street. I've known about Monki only from Asos, so I was really surprised to see their entire (amazing) collection in a proper shop. 

London has inspired me yet again in so many ways, from fashion, art, architecture, lifestyle, culture, etc. Their streetstyle is incomparable to anything else out there. Even New York. 

I combined it with another big trend - tracksuits. Athleisure has taken over the fashion industry, thanks to brands like Off White, Gucci, Balenciaga, etc. Everyone is jumping on athleisure bandwagon, even me. When I saw this pair of velvet pants from Adidas I immediately knew I wasn't leaving the shop without them. I was obsessed with velvet in the winter and I am so excited to carry that trend over to the spring time as well. I finished the look with a simple white turtle neck top, because you can never go wrong with a basic white top. 

I have also chosen my trusted Alexander McQueen bag decorated with a vintage scarf, Le Specs sunglasses, Adidas Stan Smith trainers and my apple headphones, because I never leave my house without them. 

wearing: Monki denim jacket, Zara white turtle neck top, Adidas Velvet pants, Adidas Stan Smith Trainers, Apple headphones, Le Specs sunglasses. 

That's it. Let me know your thoughts on this trend in the comments below.

- a
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