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Today is the 7th. Of August. And it’s my birthday.
I’m a clear Leo, which means I love my birthday. If I could make it an entire month, I undoubtedly would. 2018 also marks 7 years of Blush. I could best describe my past seven years online as a long and steady journey. There were no shortcuts, but just a lot of perseverance and joy in what I do.

First of all I would like to thank you all, for sticking around for the past seven years. Even though I have been a bit more absent since my New York posts and a few random ones after that - I have created my own magazine titled Māgoa (which I haven’t shared with you before, and it kinda feels weird but exciting as well) - but I promise to blog more in my 8th year in the blogosphere.
When I was thinking about a way to commemorate this moment, I was thinking about making it something special, like Klemen does every year. But that just doesn’t feel like me - I feel it is best to write something more personal. 

It all came about on a Thursday afternoon. The temperature outside was roughly the same as mine was. We were in the middle of a heat wave and I got a really bad cold after my recent trip to Vienna, which led me to a few day bed-rest. Believe it or not, this was the only day we could take some photos and I had literally nothing prepared.
I haven’t yet worn my new Cos knitted top and this seemed like the perfect occasion to do so. That was the first thing to mark the occasion and I didn’t even know it. 

Now, continuing with my Adidas Continental 80s white trainers. I really wanted to buy a pair of new white trainers so these were the first ones that popped out to me on Asos. Ever since I first saw Call Me By Your Name I have absolutely become obsessed with the 80s trend. This book is also special to me because it followed me on my first solo journey to London, where I had an interview for London College of Fashion course, so it added another bonus to a very busy year.

Half Ponytail. Even though I love being a blonde, I have to admit that it has severely damaged my hair - because of the bleach, my hair has become more brittle and visibly ruined in the front. Because of that I need to wear this type of a hairstyle (or a sleek pony/bun) on a daily basis now, until I have fixed it a bit.

Vintage denim. I couldn’t imagine a day without a denim piece as part of my outfit. Even though I have said in the past (probably during my 4th year of blogging), I would never wear jeans again, I was wrong once again. It was a stupid phase, which I came out of quite quickly. Now I cannot wait to receive a good pair of vintage jeans, preferably a looser, wide-leg fit. I'm kinda glad skinny jeans are out. Now I can finally breath. 

A young jewellery designer from Paris, Anne Shelley, connected me a few weeks ago, if I wanted to try out her hand-made earrings. Her work is amazing and she undoubtedly has the talent I want to promote to my readers. It was also a funny coincidence, because it was only a few months ago that I started wearing earrings again. I have been avidly avoiding wearing jewellery for years now (no exaggeration), but with the influence of my dear friends and Instagram, I have gotten back on track.

Vintage straw bag. This was another great vintage find, which is honestly irreplaceable - you cannot find a bag like that in any other store. I have been wearing a lot of vintage pieces in 2018 and I am proud that I am slowly straying away from fast fashion + buying more consciously than before.

These small coloured sunglasses were found by accident on our way to the shoot - they were lying next to a trash container, together with around five other pairs. We (meaning me and my photographer) have been loving these small sunglasses trend - we even have a secret saying, which I would rather not mention on the internet - so this certainly felt like fate. They are now in very good hands, not to worry about that.

So, that was my outfit, which also summed up my recent changes, favourite things, coincidences and realisations all in one simple look. Random at first, but with a lot of meaning behind it. Story behind everything has now become very important to me and I encourage you all, to make a few researches before diving into something new - be it a simple purchase, an occasion or something more significant.

Thank you again. For everything.
And to another great year here, on Blush.


photo: Epopteia 

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